Friday, May 22, 2009

The Place I Call Home

It is not necessary perfect in other people's eyes, sometimes even in my eyes. But there is a place, like no other, that I call home. It doesn't matter if you are miles and miles away. It calls you, waves to you, never forgets you and waits for you. Always.

The place I call home is where there are these wonderful people, each that I can put a face to in the perfect photo frame. Each shining brightly with smiles and warmth. They who wait, who love me and cover me in prayers and protect me. These are the ones who had watched me grow; seeing through my weaknesses and faults, they have loved me the same. To you, you and you, thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.

The weather is always nice and warm, where we ran and laugh and sweat. The place we grew up, with trees and games and sand and water. And oh the tree, the tree that rained beautiful little flowers just for me. Like presents in the rainy days, sunshines which fell from the heaven and got caught up in the water. I love you, I love you so.

Home, is truely like a fairy tale, where you sing song to music made out of the air around you, and dance around while flowers open up with each step you take. People who greet and love and smile and hug. They who bring me encouragement and He who gives me strength. A little den where even the storms are pretty and the crocodiles are friendly.

I love you home, you, you, you and You. You are my homes.

I love you and miss you so,

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