Saturday, October 24, 2009

Giant Vege

If you are a poor student living in a house with a huge garden and have bags of potatoes that turned green before you get to chuck them into the microwave, you probably won't be able to escape from planting them. I have never planted anything useful before. Don't get me wrong, I don't exactly kill plants the moment I get them. It's just that my past experience in growing stuff was pathetic.

Experience #1:
There was a bag of green beans in the kitchen. I had nothing better to do. I took a handful, wrapped them up in toilet rolls (yes, toilet paper), soaked them wet and left it somewhere. They turned into beansprouts and my maid cooked them. Pathetic.

Experience #2:
There was a bag of peanuts in the pantry. I had nothing better to do. I took a handful and planted them in the patch next to the kennel in the garden. They grew and killed the soil. Turns out peanuts will ruin the soil and you won't be able to plant anything there for a while if you planted peanuts. It is still a bald spot now. Except it doesn't matter anymore. We moved. Pathetic.

So, I planted the potatoes, garlics and onions that escaped the microwave, the frying pan, the oven and so on. Guess what. They grew into giants.

Giant garlics

Giant potatoes

Giant carrots that the previous owner planted

Giant Eva



Nina said...

Haha Eva, that's brilliant!! I love that your maid cooked your first attempt at growing veges haha!! I also love what you've grown, soon you can eat them horray!! Those carrots look way big enough to eat, though are you sure they are carrots, from the pic they looked like parsnips or something.

Eva said...

LOL!!!! O my, I think you're right. They probably are parsnips. now my farming experience #3 is embarassing too...carrots and parsnips. Haha.. funny as.


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