Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sunny Day

So it didn't work that well yesterday. I guess I have to revert to my old self again. Finish everything that might distract me and study when everything is done. Suicidal genius. In less harsh and more irresponsible way, I am an international student, they are going to have to accept me anyway. Only I'll make sure they accept me because of my results not my fees.

Righto, outfits!

Got this summer dress off Trademe, almost too short so I wore a pair of footless tights underneath. Cardigan - gift from Leanne, Gladiator sandals - Overland, Pumpkin Treasure pendant - Mom (souvenir from Russia)

It's not too short, is it? Yikes-a-bee.

Knitted vest - Supre
I sincerely hope that the sunshine will stay, and I will get to wear everything from that I bought during my shopaholic phase before I head home. :/

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