Wednesday, September 19, 2007

intended intelligence ( I I )

I do not intend this post to be long. It is late and I am tired. Even if I may not be physically - as I'm not the eaily worn out type- my mental state simpy does not allow me to go too far in this post. I am still having my exams 2 1/2 down, 1 1/2 to go. Subjects, that is. Yes, I can still afford the luxury of naps and study only after 10 everyday, with in between chitter chattery and some food fight in facebook.

At first I wanted to blog about my detour and all those romantic stuff again. I guess it is the first time I would address myself to be romantic, probably more of the I-miss-the-old-days romantic and not the lovey dovey romantic too. These facts and history and statistic and quotes.

By the way, I just discovered that I can still do stuff in a highly efficient state even when my brain and body is in a semi-conscious status. I guess I discovered it in college's early classes. Since high school I was not able to be physically conscious before 10 in the morn. And even if I can manage, it would be temporary. I guess it really explains why I got a C for my biology paper in SPM. wow....biology seems so far away now. Anyhow, I still could take down notes and answer questions. I couldn't remember the details as well though. But I probably shouldn't ask too much too as my super memory system only work when I am in the mood, you know? which barely happen in high school but thank God, I am more interested in A levels than my 5th form text books. I guess all the time I was expecting that people are just as smart 'cause I rather thought intelligence is a choice and not a talent or hardwork or anything of that sort. People are just borned with it, common sense and basic general knowledge. I guess I musthave thought all the less smart people out there chose not to excercise their intelligent or something like that.

Okay, this post ended up as a pointless one, simple bragging about my tired lazy exam-y I'm just gonna write another one, hope it would be as what I intended it to be.


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