Sunday, September 30, 2007

Girls' Nite In - My 1st ever slumber party

I guess it must be kinda funny 'cause it's the first time I have my girl friends over for sleepover. I mean, I've shared rooms before, in camps and stuff but it is the first time I have my friends over... =) Pammie always wanted to do this since like 2 years Only the time did not allow until we found a great reason to finally get a real slumber party. But...I am not sure if you call it a slumber party or a sleepover 'cause we honestly didn't do much of sleeping nor did we slumber for that long.

It was lots of fun, really, we watched a super nice movie which we all screamed hell lot and had pizza and chips. The Secret was the best movie that you would wanna watch with your girlfriends in sleepovers even though the subtitle sucked as much as Shrek 3's subtitles on my birthday, no's good that my banana girlfriends managed to finish watching actually screamed and laugh at the joke. How cool was that?! XD With those skills, I guess my earlier judgement on Jay Chou is somewhat biased...hmm...=)

Oh and we had this really tiring 'photo session' mean, I should've saw it coming. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY can ever escape one of those with my dear Pam Pam around. Especially with her new handphone...we pretty much had to. But hey, we gotta take some for memories sake. And we would grow old as twins and sisters and one day we would look back at the bashful Shuang Ling, cheery Sera, outta control Pammie and awkward me one day..*deep sigh* nothing beats a sisterhood like that.

The best thing about sleepovers aren't even about the sleeping part. It's the chatty part. Girls have to chat.. If we don't, we'll go to our Father much sooner than the guys. If you think it's unrealistic and childish of us then you might have established your prejudice too early, girls' thoughts maybe as deep as any guy's but it's crucial for us to share. I guess it is too much for some to take...fragile. We are made strong because of our bonds. If not least helped us to survive those miserable days. A hug and a few words would be enough..simple enough. It's your presence that matters. =) But do remember, promises are made to be kept.

Hmm..I do love having you girls's soo..soo...erm...sleepy! XD neh, it was the one of the best parts of sleepovers. The super random acts and chitter-chattery. It's all laugh and giggles and tears and hugs and comfort and sisterhood. Ooo..we should really do it again sometime...*starry eyes* and funny funny Pam refused to sleep...doink...hahhhahahaaaa yoiiii...Loveee uuu laaa Pammmm~~~'s kinda expected that we would all wake up late the next being totally glued to my blankie...more like super-glued to it...XD XD XD LOL....But we managed to get to church for music practice - which is the initial excuse that we have to sleepover so that we won't be late the next day - of course we did managed..kind of. Muahahahaa...sorry Fu...Oh yea, I was really wobbly on heels...probably because it was the combination of the lack of sleep and my un-skillfulness on walking in heels. hahaa~~

Well...I don't wanna hang out too long around here, gotta get some recovery sleep...will get the pictures up soon though..after some editting =). Love y'all *huggies*


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