Sunday, September 2, 2007

the real deal

a primary school mate added me in Friendster. no, nothing special. its normal that i failed to recognise her. i am never good with names and looks, esp new looks. it was exceptionally hard for me when i got transferred into a girl school in high school. everyone seems to have the same face and the same names. and for your information, it was a controlled school meaning girls with short hair, uniform and 60% of them wear glasses 'cause they had to handicap their eyes to get in.

back to my point, it was kinda hard, considering people love to use cutie names and some editted the photo so much their dog barks at it 'cause the dog have no idea that's its master/mistress. hmm...don't take it as an insult, 'cause it's not. i do agree that it is their right and of course if they desire to do so editting to flatter themselves is totally to their own interest and people like me, meaning not-so-beautiful people, have absolutely no stand in criticizing them. those oh-i'm-so-hot-i'm-sizzling photos, go ahead. go get 'em gurl~! mm..*cough*

at least it's better than getting a plastic surgery right? those computer effects, goodness, they can make you look like you just got a nose job and make ur skin look shades fairer. "Computer, computer, on my desk, who's the fairest of them all?" cute. and i know i totally have no right whatsoever to judge those who pop their eyes, pump those lips in the photos. yea yea, those peace sign and shhh...signs. hmm...its fine with me really. *choke on my own saliva*

well. err, i guess if people can't afford real jewellery they can, erm, you know, stick a crown thingy from the clip-arts and put it in their pics. who can blame those people, come'on. diamonds are a girl's best friend, ain't it? even those computer, erm, pixelize ones. Oh yea, and those blinking lights and Japanese words that no one in their friendlist understand, they're totally cool to me. honestly. it's culture exchange thingy, isn't it?

Oh and honestly if one looks so bad, or you simply have self esteem so low you can't bear looking at your own photo or to share it with the rest of the world, you can simply google-image one of those famous hotties/honeys/hunks photo and put it in your profile instead. No worries man, we understand. we gotcha back.

nuff said. XD


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