Tuesday, January 29, 2008

what's good?

Well, not much of the usual crap for today. I just felt like talking like a normal person suddenly. What's good?

I got a few sets of Chinese New Year clothes...I'm kinda hoping that they can last till cho pat but so far this is what i've got:-
1. Adidas navy polo T (Thailand May Garden)
2. Poor Little Rich Girl T (Dubai - Ian's present)
3. Black Lycra hoodie (Esprit 40% off)
4. Cute khakis shorts (Esprit)
5. Full Print Brown Top (Esprit)
4. Europe Music Award Munich 2007 Limited T- white (Esprit)
6. Billabong denim minis (half price)
7. Billabong blue v-neck tank top (half price)
8. AIG football jersey (mom's present)
okay so far that is.. 6 tops, 2 bottoms and 1 jacket...hmm...I think I need some jeans...

I better make a list then..:
1. a pair of jeans. preferable Levi's.
2. a pair of quarter long pants.
3. A hoodie T top
4. a couple of blouses
5. a pair of flats
6. a cute ladylike sandals
7. a 2 piece swim suit.

okay I'm done.

I earn every bit of them k? lol, I am working hard on getting my scholarships! And yes, i think mom n dad should reward me a teeny weenie bit.

So far I've:-
1. went to see my annoying old maid headmistress to get my recommendation done.
2. certified all my photocopied certs
3. well before that, photocopied all my certs. 4 copies.

Now I just needa:-
1. pass my other 3 recommendations out.
2. collect the 3s back
3. Write my 2 statement essays
4. fill in the form

See? lol. I so deserve another shopping trip!! Muahahhahaa~~~


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