Saturday, February 2, 2008

shopaholic unleashed..lolz

LOL...did I told you guys that my Chinese New Year shopping resolution is to buy enough to wear till cho pat? Don't mind if I make a list again. It's updated one kay? Muahahaa...
1. Adidas navy polo T (Thailand MayGarden)
2. Poor Little Rich Girl T (Dubai - present from Kor)
3. Black Lycra hoodie (Esprit 40% off)
4. Cute khakis shorts (Esprit)
5. Full Print Brown Top (Esprit)
4. Europe Music Award Munich 2007 Limited T- white (Esprit)
6. Billabong denim minis (half price)
7. Billabong blue v-neck tank top (half price)
8. AIG Nike ManU football jersey (mom's present)
9. Striped shorts (Esprit)
10. White button low U neck top (Esprit)
11. 2 white tubes (momoe)
12. Short gray cardigan (MANGO)
13. 2 PJs...(Farlim flea market & Island Glades flea market)
14. White socks (Esprit)
15. Black n White Charlie Chaplin flats - dad calls them that..==" (Vinci)

WOW...summarize that. 9 tops, 3 bottoms, 2 jacket(including cardigan), a pair of socks & flats..oh and 2 Pjs...hmm...I still think I need some jeans...

So...I want...
1. a pair of Levi's.
2. a cheap blouse tht looks formal yet chick.
3. socks for my flats.
4. sandals?

Okay...i better don't greed after them so much. I think I should start saving for my next shopping spree if I keep on spending like this...T-T makes me happy. just so you'd know. LOL


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