Monday, February 18, 2008


=) hmm...i didn't know where to look...the elevator is full of people and you know, so quiet. I mean, well...people jz don't talk in elevators 'cause everybody will be listening to the conversation. And church people are realllyyyy polite. I guess it is best to make other feel impolite and awkward. I was with him the full 20 seconds, all the way - from the top 5th floor down to the basement. So happened that I was standing near the buttons.

Oow...of course it didn't start like that. I actually prayed for the chance, and it did worked, very well in fact. But I couldn't work out the guts to speak a word. And when Eunice came to drag me away, I just went with her, all the way too, to the opposite site. WHY ON EARTH did I do that for?! Even Pam asked me why didn't I go talk to him.

So i guess that was it. All I did was smile and wave goodbye. Before he got on his car and I got on mine. which was just 3 lots away. Argh. I'm sorry...

-stumbling va-

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