Friday, February 8, 2008

oh crap!

I'm finding some whiny words to say but I can't say "what've I done?!" 'cause that's the problem! I haven't done anything at all!!! stupido. Well, I did had good reasons for that, I mean I can't look too desparate chasing after him, as in "Oh hi, how are you, haven't talk in two weeks, we are perfectly casual about stuff...bla bla bla." see? If he disappear from the vitual world for 3 whole weeks there's nothing much I can do, as in, nothing at all that I can do. Not when he mentioned that he is looking for a part-time job at the mo'.

And who can blame anybody for being independent and stuff, that's some good stuff in guys y'know, and good guys are hard to find, so you can't blame good guys for being good guys. And the most spectacular thing is that he is back! In black! lol* nolerr..not in black, I just said that because it rhymes...well, anyway, he is back. And perfectly charming AND not answering my messages like he used to. Okay, I admit that I had never had whatever they call a woman's instinct so I should totally ignore the fact that his reactions to my courtesy is totally different since the concert, when I was obviously ducking away from him 'cause of my nervous attack. No one can blame me for being trapped in one full stressful week from morn till night and it was my 1st concert ever! And Prince Charming-WITH-GUITAR just showed up...Aww...*meltz* see?

I can't help it kay? But I really really misses in when the quote said "Never give up on someone you can't go a day without thinking about" in facebook, his name totally poofed into my mind...Oh don't complaint! You are reading my journal remember? Now keep that personal already. Great, now che is shooting questions about him...==" grr...

Therefore, I have nothing better to say than, "oh crap" what the heck, I'm gonna have to go on with this whole Chinese New Year thing and then my mock exam and then my finals and probably will be leaving soon. I almost wanted to think that, okay, I'll just let him miss me and be miserable when I'm gone. Except, I don't think he's missing me. So, too bad.

Okay, anyway, if ever he might be reading this, you know who you are. And thanks, you've been great. =) and yes, I do miss you loads. *lala~*


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Anonymous said...

well i think doing nothing is nothing wrong.thats least, 4 me. i stumble,totally blank n look like an idiot when i meet him.the only difference is u love him i despice him.i don't use 'hate' cause i don't anymore.
i think he likes u ,but im not sure whether he loves u.i sincerely hope he feels the same way towards u.dont worry. u r coping well in fact really well.( i just feel that u try too hard to blend into his r both different.both of u can mend each others flaws.
the song is really pleasant.



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