Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jane Austen 的 subtle romance.

It's raining outside. You are leaving in another couples of months...or that is what I've heard. Hmm..and so you slowly drifted away. Almost unnoticed. Disappeared. I foolishly made a covenant, I will wait. Just as we met so briefly, knew each other so shallowly and made such little effort to risk our friendship, we will continue in silence. It is not either of our practice to be vulnerable and exposed and it is best for me to follow after you.

These coming years, a detour crept into our ways, a prank of time. Just as much as I like to play tricks, my existence backfired. Distance has never left us and each time distance grows with time. So much as it had played to our advantage to appreciate each other more, we've met so little for it to be possible to love. We became two lines that met so insignificantly and drew away into two parallel lines after that meeting. Such meeting so plain that it was comfortable, but it would only happen in chance...so much so that we can only wait and not to chase after it.

Your smile, words, and mere existence is enough a reason for me to wait upon. A wink that I was so sure that it is real, as short as a shooting star but so true that no one could deny. Autumn wind gives life to falling leaves and our acquaintance gave life to this stubbornness. To wait upon you again..

-some one else-


Anonymous said...

jane austen's subtle romance usually end wit happy endings.just wait b patient n b urselflike Anne.u'll win him n outshine compared to other louisas or henriettas.


writer said...

Indeed they do, end with happy endings. =) will pray hard hard for that.


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