Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Eva *hearts* Joshua

Yes. Eva is no more single and available. Haha~ meet my boyfriend!!! Joshua Chan has officially stolen my heart. He is FIVE years old and AGE IS JUST A NUMBER.

Guess what Joshua was on the news, which I found the online version as well. It's no big news but he's the little guy sitting on his daddy's lap in the 2nd photo on the right column. With grandpa Chan and my brothers-in-law.

Joshua on news


Eva: Joshua, I want to go home already. Bye bye.

*Joshua pecks Eva on the cheek*

*Eva hugs Joshua*

Joshua: kiss me lah~!

*Eva pecks Joshua on the cheek*

...10 minutes later...

Joshua: Daddy~!!! Eva kissed me!

Hahahaha *pengsan*

Joshua: Bye bye Eva!!!

Eva: Bye bye Joshua!!!

1, 2, 3!




*Keeps in the pocket*


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