Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pulling a half all-nighter

Aikes...even though I'm taking a one-month break from my job in December, I still feel so guilty 'cause I couldn't wake up just now until my parents have to leave me at home and let me sleep in. Ish...haha.. *guilt eats up Eva* ahhh~~

Spent the whole night making the gigantaur dice for Live Size Snake & Ladder this Sunday. Anyway this is the fruit that I spent the whole night doing, but still not all done yet..probably gonna continue later tonight. I should really stop staying up late..abo then I fail my medical check-up then will have to bid farewell to my further education liao. T-T wuah...seriously.

Oh yea. My room looked like crap so I cropped off parts of the pictures that might ruin my reputation. HAHA.!!!

Leftover low cost materials.
The box was so darn *&^%&#@ ugly so I had to paint it white.
Trying my best to protect my parquet floor...
Half done results. Nice leh...can imagine the ending results liao leh..
Sambil make dice, sambil chatting... Haha... qualified multitasker. *applause*

TADAA~ Nicelerh. Yes, I am a supergenius. [Insert evil laughter here.]


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