Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Earthquake = 0; Eva = 1


Oh yes I did not get quashed by the 7.1 quake that happened a couple of weeks ago. The only reason I disappeared from the bloggosphere is just because I disappeared. I have had moments like these before, where my bloggi-land became a dry parched piece of desert. Not because I stop wearing or buying pretty clothes, just because I don't take pictures and write about them. And soon enough that creepy urge to want to show it to the world would catch up with me and I would resume constantly posting again.

So Christchurch city had been hit by a big quake in the early Spring, actully, on the first day of Spring itself. Hmm...aren't we trapped in the cold for so long that we need a big shake to celebrate the return of the sun?

And for me, big quake to celebrate my pair of Jeffrey Campbell patent brogues. Ever since I started reading blogs I marvelled at the shiny, pretty, stylist kicks that other bloggers wear. Trapped way down south than the down and under, I never thought I could get my funky polished nails around a pair of shoes I internet-lust over. Oh my I sound so sick. Ew.

But I did. And it was on a S-A-L-E. Like my collector* daddy would say: "Sa-layyy". Dad's undeniably a shopaholic, he gets so excited over sales and even made up his own pronunciation for it! Shopaholic, no? Except he calls himself a collector. Yea, right. I am a collector too. >:D

Anyhow, enjoy the photos. (I might be a bit rusty from not taking outfit shots for a long long time.)


Even the box makes my heart skip a beat. JEFFREY CAMPBELL!!!


Tadaa! - worn with leopard print tights for a little roar!


Mango new girl in town tee, thrifted rolled up denim shorts, leopard print tights.


It Is What It Is dress, Dotti gray long cardigan, Polka dots tights, Mango bucket bag.

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