Sunday, August 22, 2010

When in doubt

For us southerners, winter is coming to an end. And what I hate the most about end of seasons is that trends seems to be so old and unexciting and most of us would stop caring about what we wear already. By the last month of the season we are convinced that there are no new on-season pieces or creative ensembles that we have not seen. Since I am new to this whole one-year-four-season thingy, I find myself surviving end of seasons like a fashion victim. Or I would just give up and go back to the sweater and jeans combo.

Well, what I did was to search up the street style shots from winter in the northern hemisphere for inspiration. Here's a little something I came up with:-

One. When in doubt, wear the fool proof classic big black coat.


Two. Crazy tights in winter = refreshing!


Three. Yes we know but we forget sometimes, to layer-up!


Four. In case you skipped washing your hair in the cold weather, wear a hat. ;) Nobody needs to know it is just a fashionable cover-up.


Five. This will last you till Spring, maybe even early summer, considering how crappy New Zealand's weather had been. - The nude trench had been in trend since last spring and still going strong!


All the best in your battle against end of season dullness! hugs*

Photos by: Mr. Newton, All The Pretty Birds


Kat said...

cute blog!

please check out my blog and enter my giveaway :)

nikol said...

good tips (:
especially with the crazy colored tights along with the nude trench!


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