Monday, August 2, 2010

Up the hills

A few weeks ago three university students decided that they should hang out and have some bubble it. It was raining lightly. With sugar pumping in their blood and way too much fun at a conference before that, they made their way up the hills for a spontaneous photo session. Rain + cold +bubble tea = awesome photos and a cold.

Here are some that survived the editing process.

at which Keren thought about life's big questions...

at which Eva did an Asian squart. Not so glam.

at which we saw a serendipity epic shot! which we roam around for more sugary things to keep the high going. which EJ wonders where did Eva come from...????!!!!

At which everyone discovers that Eva survived the train too!!! WOOT! HALLELUJAH!

at which Keren attempted the Jetstar pose...

At which a train was coming and Keren made the dash of her life...and Eva was.... *cough cough* *sobs sobs*

at which we encountered some serious sunburst.

what I wore: Dotti leopard print cardi, Mango T-shirt, Floral Skirt, Dotti Swing Coat, Scarf, Vintage laced-up boots


EvaEclipse said...

those pictures are awesome! i love your scarf and the top. oh, and i love your name. :) we're both eva's ♥


Bad Taste Toast said...

the photos are amazing! great results of the shoot, i believe spontaneous photo shoots are the best! :) I hope you get well soon with your cold.


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