Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On the Panel (again)

Yay! I love being on the panel for talks and stuff. The last one I was invited on was for our club's weekly event about relationships and tomorrow we will be talking about friendship. It is really cool how we still talk about things like this when we are in uni and can afford the luxury of time. Conversations like these will be so hard to come by once we start working and have heaps of other stuff piled up in our real-working-adult-world plate, no?

Not that I have that luxury of time that I speak of. Seeing how I have neglected this blog and left it neglected for quite some time. Rest assured that I still wear cool clothes, match them, wash them, remix them. But without the time to actually record my what-I-wores, I can only do this, for now.

Magazine cut outs! I think this is actually one of the best runway to real way ensemble that I have seen recently so sharing = caring.

Take care my darling readers, I will be back soon. I hope. :(






Cara said...

I need those wedges in my life!

Asteria said...

the first and second outfit looks super cute!i can se chinese characters, but what mag is this from?

Anika Sweetfaced Style said...

love it! xx

Eva said...

Astria: He\y :) I think these are from Vogue China. :)


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