Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ministry of Food

For those who don't already know, I am a fan of Jamie Oliver. He is just that kind of person whom you see in TV and feels like you have known him all your life from watching his show. Anyhow, I think he's a great person. how does this relate to the ministry of food. Ministry of food is a temporary ministry set up by the British government during the Second World War, their main duties being rationing food. So, what they did is more than distributing potatoes and bread. The ministry actually go to the extend of distributing recipes on preparing edible healthy yummy food from the limited resources for the English households. Impressive isn't it?

So what is happening in our world right now? Losing wetlands, clean drinking water, farming land and even the ocean to pollution is bigger a problem than most of us are aware of. If Jesus doesn't come back for another 50 years, some serious amount of people will be dying out of hunger, thirst and diseases caused by the lack of food, water and other resources that are keeping our ungrateful butts alive. No land, no ocean, no clean water resources, no unpolluted farm land means no output of agriculture, no food, no drinking water, no water for daily use, no wood for furniture, no feathers for pillows, no leather for couch...look around you, how many of the things around you are made of the resources that we are polluting? Make a list and shock yourselves.

Though what we can do is not really that much related to Jamie's Ministry of Food as he is promoting for families and people to cook proper meals. However, let's look at it this way, if we can cook our own meals, it means to me that we can have a better control of ration of food, allocation of expenses, cut down the use of take out food containers, the costs and resources needed to go to the diners. I know my explanation is not good enough to convince people who save up resources but it does mean something if only we make an effort to just save a bit of energy and resources we have each day.

I suddenly believe in rationing everything we spend, and things we use. It does leads to a big sum of number. The voltage we are saving by decreasing the use of an electrical equipment from each household of the nation. The water we are saving by turning the tap off while brushing teeth everyday accumilated in a year. It does matters if we could all just take one step to save the creations or whatever that are left.

Think green. Suck it up and save some resources, people.

With lots of love,

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