Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Weird Connection

I just made a freakish ingenius discovery about myself, that is my weight and immune system seems to have a magically connection. Yea yea, I know they talk about it all the time, and I read them from everywhere. It's probably my fever that makes me think it's such a big deal.

You see, it's like the self-adjust thingy in economics. When Eva's healthy and happy, she eats all kind of stuff, yummy stuff...and she keeps going and going like nothing can stop her, so she gains that little bump on the tummy. Little does she know, those things are corrupting her immune system. So, she falls sick, like now, and lose her cheerful appetite. Therefore, her high metabolism eats on the extra fat she gain as her back bouncing recovery takes place at the same time. Thus, Eva finds herself slim and healthy again. And the circle continues. wonderful. Opps..hehe...It's the fever again. I really should go get some rest and fight off this drowsy heaty fever. Ditto.

Take care, babies,

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