Wednesday, August 29, 2007

=) hows life

"Life is unpredictable...Short...full of excitement but it is very sensitive and vulnerable ..wont last long never work in counter clockwise...all in all life is too much to describe and define."

"Life is beautiful, even when it's sad...can be fast n peaceful in the same time. It can work counter clockwise if only u wanna make it is too much to take if you take it alone."

Life is pretty much different for everyone. But in every passing persons, you see shadows of life. There's always a structure in every lives. Of the beginning, the growth, the confusion, the breakdowns and the resurrection. of the time, the space and the end.

Life is temporariness. Life is permanent. Everything will come and go before your mind can register. Yet how could my mind remember those that went so fast I could not register. life is detailed and yes, i agree, vulnerable. breakeble. Life is protective. Though some are not protective enough to keep you from hurting but life does not allow you to be tortured for eternity. Is that why it is so short and so lenghthy in the same time?

Life is the air, the wind, the water and the nature. with the footsteps on the sand and the writings in the journals. Life is forgettable. now, forget me.


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