Monday, March 16, 2009

No time no time

You know what's the good thing about now? Now as in, I have 2 assignments due on Thursday, one skill test tomorrow and 2 more assignments due next week and err..wait correct de and 2 more due end of this month, which is the week after. So gai rght. Oh yea and my scholarship form. Daddy please don't read this thing. ARGHH~

Good thing is I have no time. NO TIME NO TIME. So no time for homesickness, no time to think about all the touchy feely lovey dovey, no time to even dig a hole and bury myself inside. So why am I here? Because I have no time mah. Er.. yea. That's why I am here. Nothing to justify that one. Now everyday is like I'm sucking in this whole new uni air. Since I have to walk to school, so I guess I must have sucked in a lot. The air, you know, like bunch of people rushing between classes AND when you don't have class, rush to the library or computer lab to get the work typed out. The air. Yes. Incredible.

Talk about walking, hmm...I'm gonna go take a look at a secondhand bike tomorrow, hopefully I can buy it and start cycling to school so I can sleep in for another 5 minutes or so. Which also reminds me, daddy said he is sending a package of my stuff over, which includes a bicycle helmet. And I think it takes at least 2 weeks. Crap buy liao cannot use. *drool*

ARGH. What's wrong with all these stupid crawlies. We get so may of them around the house. Especially flies, one of those fellas got into the bathroom with me when I was bathing. If I have more time I will do the same thing to that pitiful little brainless DEAD bug who tried to bite me before chinese new year back in Malaysia. Hmph...they don't know who they are messing with. Which reminds me again, even if they do, they won't care less because I have no time to kill them.

Crap. Signing off now. Skill test calling my name liao.

-No time to type my name here la-

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