Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Simple Life this is New Zealand. Actually, it depends on how you look at it, in some ways it is more happening* than Penang, or can be rather lame. If you're into beer, gigs, getting drunk, woot, you're in the right place. OR you can be into retirement, dairy products, hunting, fishing and super cold weather.

So far it's okay to me...I guess, since it's a phase, not my home. Yi Yern say my uni is hebat. I guess, the science library has a nap't be too bad eh. So here's some pics:

School of Law
Law Library

The Central Library

Haha..yea that's all. Don't blame me now, looks darn stupid taking picture in the library kay. *Chi Chak* then the ang moh all turn to look at me.

Er..more next time. Cheers!



PianoBoy said...

yer,so siok one!
the library so big...
mine one day I can finish reading all books loh..

Eva said...

lol...sad...i din noe ur library have only one book.


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