Wednesday, April 15, 2009


It's supposed to be "internet".

As if there aren't enough freaks in my life already. Why do people speak or write or type english when they obviously can't.

1. The right way: "How are you?"
The wrong way: "hey, how u going?"
Comment: Go where?

2. The right way: "Would you mind to be my friend?"
The wrong way: "can we make a friend?"
Comment: If you expect me to make a baby with you and befriend the baby and
you, you're nuts and positively a pervert too. Make a friend. Crap.

3. The right way: "I am fine." or "I am doing very well."
The wrong way: "I am in the well."
Comment: Great, why don't you tell me how do you get there?

Aww shucks. Shut up if you can't speak properly.

Eat my sock,


PianoBoy said...

Japanese? Korean?
who are those freaks?

Eva said...

err the one in the pic is a kiwi(new zealand) motel.

No. 1 is a chinese fella from China.

No. 2 is Malaysian chinese i think..

No. 3 is Malaysian Malay. trying to say "saya dalam kandungan sihat sejahtera" Indeed. in a well.

haha...I guess I am a bit mean calling them freaks...haha just had a bad week i guess.

Eva said...

ERK!! I am bad bad person.

PianoBoy said...

I thought you were used to it since Minglish in Malaysia should have made you immune to those "English" deh? keke

Eva said... I said..I am a bad person.. its just me being mean on other people's language skills.


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