Monday, March 22, 2010

Catholic School Girl

That is what came to my mind when I put together this outfit. A dark coloured floral skirt with a crisp white shirt and a knit jumper, what else do you need to look like a Catholic school girl?

Anyhow, I didn't know what happened this morning, it was as if tireness hit me like a train. I could barely wake up bubbly and all ready to go like usual. Then I forgot my bicycle helmet. I was almost at uni until I crossed path with another girl without a helmet then my brain told me something's missing with that girl, it clicked, and I almost fell off my bike. So I ended up walking to uni with my bike. The good thing is I ran into Nicola on the way, we chatted while walking so it lessen the awkwardness of me pushing the bike.

My day ended (almost) more orderly than it started.

Just another short note, this skirt make me miss mom... who bought it for me. I love you mom, if you ever read this. :)


Jenn said...

Cute outfit! And kudos to you for pushing your bike and putting your safety first :)

Eva said...

Thanks Jenn :D

kathryn-louisa said...

Love the skirt!


hannah said...

simple and classy. your mom's got good taste, haha!

Vinda Sonata said...

love this look. yes. very schoolgirl-chic, and nice skirt! your mom's got taste in fashion!

p.s. we're at the same age. yay! :)

Rosie said...

Great look! I love your belt with that floral skirt!

Aya Smith said...

Adorable outfit, you look lovely :)

Aya ( Strawberry Koi Blog )


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