Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lucky you; Lucky lucky me

I finally got my bike on Monday! It's a pretty little Raleigh Sphere 2.0. I wanted something that look somewhat vintage so Helen introduced me to her. We also got her a little basket, locks and some mudguards. Yvonne is thinking about sponsoring me a carrier. What do you think about this gorgeous little lady?

It had been so long since I came up with some outfit shots, mainly because mom and dad was around for the first couple of weeks, and now that we have two guy flatmates, I am more cautious about my photo-taking time, just in case I get caught posing in front of on a camera on tripod. Boys would never understand.

This top is the one that I bought online last year but I have always thought it is slightly too big for me, but today, I am in love with the butterfly-like sleeves and pink embroideries. Tugging the blouse into these mid-waist jeans definitely helps. Oh and these shoes! I just got them when I was coming back so they arrived on my first week back. Aren't they the perfect vintage buckle shoes? Vintages pieces are getting pricier around here, maybe I should take up sewing or something. Any ideas on where should I start?

P/s: I got the idea of taking photos like these from the lomography website. (Took with my Canon Eos1000d and edited them). I am hunting for a lomo toy camera. With a bit of luck, we might be seeing some dreamy film camera photos up here soon!


Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Lovely outfit, I adore the top.

Eva said...

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Love love love the bag!


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