Friday, March 19, 2010

Latest Member of the Family

Following the last mail day, it took approximately one week for my other mailed things to arrive today. Despite my various attempt to go easy on the shopping, I bought this lomgraphy Holga 120N last week. The package includes the camera, the flash, camera bag and two rolls of film. They practically greeted me with a smile when I arrive home today, just in time for out big photoshoot outing tomorrow!

We had been having a few cold days in a row, today's almost-warm weather is precious. I finally get to wear the coat that mommy gave me, with my new thrifted top. The best part is that this outfit is actually all comfy and didn't overheat me a bit biking to uni. Oh and Olivia and I went for a lil' grocery shopping and got some bubble tea (yum!). Then we spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out in Shelly Common Room eating Chinese yummies and chatting.

Hmm...I am just so excited about tomorrow's shoot! I guess I better go get some shut-eye soon. Tomorrow's going to be a long day, with the shoot then the barbeque and Euving and Rebecca's engagement party. Toodles my beloved readers! Wish you guys a happy happy weekend. :)

The newest member to our camera family! Lomography's Holga 120N

The whole package!

Outfit today:

Black and white printed top - thrifted

Denim shorts - Glassons

Coat - Esprit (mom's)

Vintage buckle shoes - Andrea Renzi

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hannah said...

awh cool! i just got a diana mini. they are so fun! although i think i keep jamming it and wasting my roll... cant wait to see what gets printed!


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