Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mail Day!

The weather was awful yesterday, it was all rainy, wet and cold. Not a bit like summer at all. So I had to bus to uni instead of riding my new bike. But guess what, my wishlist clogs arrived yesterday! I was lusting for a pair of Chanel like clogs and browsed through Etsy and Ebay to try to find a pair that has reasonable assemblence that I can work with but found none (the Jeffrey Campbell pair was way out of my pitiful budget).

Lo and behold the awesomeness of Trademe. I found it under size 6 category which is two size smaller than me (wept) so I asked for the measurements, turns out it was UK sizing. HA!

Olivia told me yesterday that clogs/high heels were once made for bad weather, to avoid muddy water being splashed on the hems of expensive dresses. So it arrived just on time for me. :D

I had to wear the clogs with a pair of socks because of the cold...but it worked out pretty well. Much like Alexa Chung's Madewell collection.


Eye said...

great shoes!!!
I like the way you wear it with the socks!!!

Eva said...

Thank you :D

Melrose said...

i love the clogs you ended up finding! if they're etsy, are they vintage? that really makes the find that much more wonderful!

Eva said...

Thanks, they're not on Etsy tho...I got them off tradme :( So they're not really vintage. :D But I reckon there are a few on Etsy.

I didn't get mine on Etsy mainly because I'm in New Zealand, the shipping would probably be more expensive than the shoes...

FashionFreak said...

Great shoes, so beautiful.
I found your blog by ifb from your group and it's very GREAT!
I become follower.
Please, can you do the same if you wish?


Elaine said...

Those clogs are so cute!

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