Thursday, March 4, 2010

Locked out

I am terribly sorry for the lack of updates for weeks. The fact is, I had been packing since the last post, then I got on the plane and head back to Christchurch, with my parents, uncle, aunt and a little cousin coming along for a 2 weeks holiday. And in the midst of that, uni started again. In other words, there were text books that needed to hunt for, supplies that I needed to top up.

Whilst I tried to bring everything I need from Malaysia (considering the gigantous luggage limit we have since the six of us are travelling together), I failed. But 0 week, week one and week two had been going well for me. I bought a vintage-look bike that should arrive later this week, along with simply gorgeous rattan basket with a handle, mudguards so I can ride across the fields and locks to prevent thieves. I also got a multifunction printer, a sony voice recorder and some pretty rattan storage boxes for my piles of clothes.

Oh and note for the title of this post, we got locked out. Yes, everyone in the house (Yvonne, me, Vincent - our new Malaysian tenant, and Steve - our new Taiwanese tenant) got locked out because the front door's door knob decided that it is going to retire while everyone is not home. I had to climb in through the windows to unlock the doors. But it didn't stop Yvonne and I from going out for a dinner I craved for, and a lil' shopping for our little home. :) I had Royal Roast, it was delightful, it made me full and happy. Yvonne had some thai noodle soup from Poppy Thai, they look as good as they taste. Yum.*

Note: Outfit shots would probably start as soon as I have time to take photos of myself. Ha! I am totally bummed that I did came out with new cute outfits but not taking any shots plainly because I was so busy. Sad.* :(

Yvonne's Noodles Soup

The new clothes storage! I love the cloth bag that we can actually take out for a wash in case it gets dirty. >

My much-craved-after Royal Roast...hmm...yum*

And that's a nice family photo we took when mom and dad was around :)

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