Monday, May 28, 2007


Human are just like portable storage devices. We each have certain capacity of taking in good things and bad things in life. The only matter is how big is one's capacity to the world.

There are people who whines whenever they take a fall, and those who chose to keep quiet over every wound. The earlier is just like a faulty device, they tend to save a part of the file and leaves partially of it in the pc. But how long will the life spand of a good device be? Never in the history is man with no wrath, no hatred, no depression, no worries, even Jesus wept, cried, yelled and hated.

Over the time, all we ever need is some reason to make us feel that all these struggles are worth while, then it will be like one fine day with a good spring cleaning of the trash in the storage device. A compliment, a heartful thank you, a good cry, a choking laughter, a great hug, a pat in the head, or just plain quietness in understanding.

Everything will be alright, hush, everything will be alright. There is someone struggling with you too. Hush, everything will be alright.

There is no reason to be upset over today, yesterday and the day before. Have a good rest and tomorrow will be a brand new day. Tomorrow will be a brand new day.


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