Saturday, May 26, 2007

Will (I'm not suicidal)

My Bible should be passed to daddy. "It has been my guide to life, and so had you. Do try to understand, it's the only way I can chat with you again after this."

My handphone shall be passed on to Pam. For all the love and time we've been together, it will be that one thing I'd always miss the most.

My clothes and my books should all be passed on to the House of Grace, education is the best insurance. May God bless them and always be their Father.

My hi-fi should be the possession of Jieli & Fu. They taught me what music is, and, how to sing to God. "Li, Fu, you guys had always made me proud.

My guitar should go to ----****(ask Pam). He's always been a beautiful dream, a comforting companion and always someone to look forward for.

My CD collection should be given to Yvonne. Though it might not be her preferable choice of music.

All my cash and cash in bank should go to Ian. Though it's not much, I hope it will be a tiny part of his capital in whatever business he wishes to start.

I guess I don't really have much. My necklace & pendant should stays with Pam too. I loved them so, it simply suits so well. Just like how we are meant for each other (as in twins).

I never believed in "coming back afterwards", so don't expect me to, if ever, that won't be me.
Love you all, please do try to understand what I believes, it's what drives my life and what I fight all these for.

God bless. With love.

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