Thursday, May 31, 2007

you complete me

Once read in a chinese romance novel, everyone represents a curve of a semi-circle. Thorough one's life, looking for another curve that fits perfectly, completing the circle.

That someone don't neccessary have to finish your sentence, understand your joke, notice your signals or dry your tears...I guess. It would have been enough if he's someone you always look forward to, a smile that make your day, a light through the window that warms your heart or just the secure feeling that he's sitting right behind you one Sunday morning. God is always generous with His love.

Yes, I'm talking about him. I've never had him. Not many people know him, and I'm not one of them. I've never dared to wish to be one...It would be a beautiful enough picture to have him on the other end where I am standing. At least we are in the same picture. An accident photo would have been so precious; a short message would had made such a celebration. The simple joy of having him around.

Never was there enough reasons to forget about him, never was there a reason to go after him. After all, the only reasoning that make sense, is to stay where we are. It would only be safe.

To him, you complete me, in the silence, in the absence, in the darkness, with Him.


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