Friday, April 18, 2008

Curiousity kills the cat.

Curiousity is turning its cruelty towards me!!! Help~ Alex keep asking me if I'm the blogger for "Dare to Talk Loud". NO! Eva is only faithful to this bloggg!!! MY BLOG. Duh! It bears me's name, for Pete's sake. How could I ever ever have an affair with another blog. Dreadful.

Anyway, the whole thing is making me curious who's the blogger for "Dare to Talk Loud". So if any of my dearest readers know, please tell me. And if I find it any good at all, I'll put that link in here just so my contagious curiousity won't kill you too. =)

So long. See you guys in a while. ^^

With love and a whole lot of curiousity,
P/s: I pledge me allegiance to this blog. I will be faithful and shall not depart from contributing to this blog an this blog only.

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