Monday, April 14, 2008

So that's what they do in the annual dinner...

Well, I found this off dad' camera too. Happens to have some funny pics that caught my eye, just thought of sharing some scraps of my life with my readers. My parents work for an insurance company and every year they get to attend the annual dinner, and people just get to dress up, have fun and all - the insurance people way.

1. First of all, they dig out all their most extravaganza outfits and pick one of the ones.

2. Then they dress up nicely, with all the hairdos and make ups. For my mum, I thank God she stick to the basic black.

3. Oh yea, look at that guy in the picture, he's from the astro singing contest right? Well, they got him to perform there. No big deal though but it amazed me that they would get a TV icon to perform.

4. And they sit around taking photos with girls who are half their age. Just kidding, that's my dad with his colleague's daughter.

5. And they had some female performers as well. Though I can hardly see her face under all those make ups..

6. OOoo...look at that blue eye shadow. O.O"

7. And another TV person. I can still remember this lady in the cartoon outfit doing that commercial.

8. There you go, this is the true reason why people go, for a dozen of trophies ^^. Proud of you guys, mom and dad.

That's all for now, I still have some photoes to upload but maybe tomorrow kay? Still have some assignments to do. Love y'all.


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PianoBoy said...

wearing kimono to dinner
is really "unique' for that auntie.
Somemore kimono is not that comfort to wear,it makes you itchy and you will sweat and sweat.

Wondering was my mom there in the dinner too?
She always gets excited when this kind of ceremony is coming soon.
*Ceremony= shopping + new outfit


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