Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thus lay the golden sandal..

Being a princess is no easy job...can't say I'm one, but hey, I ain't have a thing to complain about. Got the car, the house, the gadgets. All I'm waiting for is just for the cute prince to come sweep me off my feet unto the white horse and ride into the marvelous sunset.

In the mean time, I guess I'd still have to do some singing in the small hut in the woods, with my fellow cute animals, a couple of sparrows and a chipmunk, maybe a deer and a few rabbits. It's not easy you know, the waiting part. Nuh-uh, growing the hair and singing the same Except I don't do any of that.

Okay, this is the real part of my fairy tale.

1. I'm eighteen, with quite well-off parents, living in a nice house just slightly away from the buzz of the city.

2. I don't have a chipmunk, but I do have a maid, as tiny as a chipmunk, and as annoying sometimes. Other times, she's great help to me.

3. I don't have any pumpkin-like carriage, but by terms of law, I do have an '96 Audi A4 that can count as a carriage.

4. I have a closet of clothes, not sewn by gifted wild animals, but bought by my parents, my siblings and some by my own salary.

5. I don't go around taking care of dwarfs, cleaning up their hut and arranging 7 beds, but I do teach, a standard 5 kid English and get paid for that.

6. I don't sing "A True Love's Kiss" every morning. But I love singing in church. I'm no opera soprano...more of a guitar person.

7. I don't have soliloque facing the camera, instead I write 'em all down in my blog - which only my friends read.

8. I don't have evil stepmothers or stepsisters, but my parents turn frantic once in a while.

9. When they do, my fairy godmother is always my friends, they're always ready to listen.

10. There's no sad orchestra background music when I cry, only loud pop/rock songs from bands like MCR, Boys like Girls and Dashboard Confessional.

11. The faith in true love's kiss in fairy tales is exactly the type of faith I have for Jesus, my happily ever after.

So if I do sum it all up, I am living in a fairy tale, my fairy tale, would you wanna be a part of it? I caught you peeking a few times, y'know? *winks*



PianoBoy said...

haha,so funny to see you linking
princess's life with yours.
This blog is so authentic.

Like to read your blog!

writer said...

Thanks! ^^hope to see you around more. =)
Oh yea, please leave the url for ur blog, I'm interested to know my readers =P

Anonymous said...

love this blog very much!

writer said...

Thank you~ =)

Y.B. K.K. Wong(Kernail Kena Wong) said...

Actually,you forgot to add in the Prince Charming with the creature in the red box.The Kancilman is always there with his shining Lim Guan Eng's picture.Therefore,we,the state government of Penang strongly demand for you to add this as the truth in your blog!!!!!

VERY GOOD!!!....WRIIITTE DOWN IN YOUR NOTES.You ought to know right now.

This is a computer generated document,thus it does not require any signature.

Yang Benar
Tuan Yang Dipertua
Sexist,Rasict,____cis Silapuding

Anonymous said...

what about that meaningful person in ur life?can't missed him out as ur prince.he'll b sad.

writer said...

Oh well, don't worry about it...I'll add that in a new post. LOL.

Anonymous said...

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