Tuesday, April 8, 2008

a girl should just be a girl

I just suddenly think that sometimes they should just let a girl be a girl. A simpleton. In the sense that no big troubles, just smooth sailing all the way. No, it is not reasonable for others to take on the burden just so the girl can be all cheerful and happy-go-lucky. But everyone should try to keep the innocent pure, the first love and passion clean.

No pretence please. in the world today, people would wanna be like Avril Lavigne, or Beyonce, maybe some wants the lime light of Britney. But no, not those heavily drawn eye liner, not the sexy outfit and outrageous actions can overthrow the inner person. But what's the point. Sometimes we just want to fit in. Blend in and be invisible. I don't get why we can be so insecure sometimes and so overwhelm by our own self esteem other times.

I blame them on the hormons. Weird stuff, hormons...they can just get your head up in the air for a mo' and the next second you will be hitting hard on the tar road. Hmm...I saw my course mate in one of those internet network social website. In her pictures she stares at the camera. And the name she chose to put on was a rather obvious attempt to project the attitude or character of so called emo, or rebel, perhaps a certain amount of darkness. The way she talks and her tone had an obvious shift from her previous way of conduct.

It hurts to see that people in the world are trying to be more of the world. And it hurts even more to see that sometimes, I myself am trying to be so too. I should know better, know that I am different. We are in the world but not of the world. All things shall come to past and only the word of God will remains. All things shall come to past, insecurities, depression, insult, verbal abuse, naming and shaming, death and life, love and all that that comes with it. I shall come to past, all my sins and all my dreams. He had signed his name over mine. We shall embrace and cry, for all He had done. What more can I ask?

So for now, I ask for peace. Claiming His promises that I shall find peace in Him. All shall come to past. Amen.

-peace. ty -


Francis Foo said...

well said.what's the point of being a human without their own identity and just follow blindly people who you idolise.Human without soul i would say.Just love simple girls who has their own identity..yay!

Anonymous said...

err..what would this blogger like to reflect about herself then?

Anonymous said...

to be honest, this's one of the post which I was confused while writing it...Bt I kinda had a clear enough head to draw conclusion...was jz disturbed and disappointed in the course of apply for my uni. And jz hope that I can get back to one of those days when i was dumb and ignorant. Maybe it's better than being so exposed and insecure.

francis foo said...

Being a naive boy from a nerd's school,it's a cultural shock to see so many absurd things that could be done by a sane 18-20 years old chap and lady.They're not young anymore but i think they're so prone to these unnecessary shame although in their point of view they think that they're far superior than us.
sigh,i couldn't accept these cultural shocsk in my so called hometown anymore where sometimes it seems so unrecognised by me poor little naive guy.Or,perhaps it's myself who's too naive and not susceptible to the outer environment yet?perplexed me for so long.englighten me please.


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