Monday, April 28, 2008

a cropped scene

This is a cropped scene from somewhere familiar, yes, Fu, it's your expected post. Haha... The story goes like these.

So, it was some time ago, after some holiday season, half of our party had to leave for somewhere else again. It was this wonderful day that we had promised to go groceries shopping together, yes, we were desparate to spend time together, at least I was. So desparate that I went at 12a.m. and got back at 3a.m. the day I got back home. I had no nap that day. Okay, back to the story, so we went together, Tesco. =D

We all got there almost at the same time, we as in, me, Pam, Yan, my godbrothers, Fu and Li, as close as a real brother, the real brother himself - Ian and oh...him. Of course the people who really had to shop was just Yan and me but it was very heart-warming for me to have the whole gang going out before I really leave. I had to head back to the camp that day. *sigh*

Well, it wasn't much of the company and all though. Ian shopped with me, the rest with Yan, Pam did come over and walked with me for a while and took a picture but that's it. We only met with the whole party before getting the trolly, at the instant noodles rack and after I paid, we met up at the register and I went off. I wasn't disappointed in any way at all but was certainly not happy with the fact that I'm the one leaving soonest...

And we didn't really said a thing at all. Probably because I didn't know what to say at that time. I am always dumbfounded when he is around and I think the whole wide world discovered that already. So that was it. I was leaving, saying goodbye to everyone. Hugged Pam.. and okay, whatever I might hallusinate about was probably not coming so I turned. With Ian by my side and let out a sigh.


"Hmm?", I turned back.

"Take care.", he said.

There you go. That's all for now.

-white girl-

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