Friday, May 30, 2008

:idle day:

Just after Tort paper...*~ I didn't get enough sleep again...feel like had been walking around with a heavy head. Ma~ I think I need sleep. So this will be another idle day. Came home and saw my room all cleaned up and the windows are open. I so love the tree outside my house. It look so green. Maybe I should give him a hug someday. For being such a sweetheart everytime I come home.

It must be really nice to be the tree. It's all big and green already. Mom and dad always think I'm a special kid, you know? I'm really proud of it. They used to fetch me around so I go blabbing all the way in the car. They always start with "How's your day, honey?" And the conversation will soon turn to something else. I don't think I'm one of those super genius but I know I'm different. I may not realize it but I had interest in almost everything.

And now I'm wondering how I would really like someone like myself. I guess people would really appreciate others who are really similar to them. Like how I wish my children will be as curious as I was, not curious in a way like those scientist and all those. But curious enough to read and think and explore. Then I realize no one can raise a kid to be exactly like herself, no matter how hard she try, it would only ruin the kid. That's how my parents raised my I guess. They gave me so much room to grow.

I read Andrew Matthew's book in my preteen years, started reading since my lower primary. I think I began my collection of books in my higher primary years, of course most of my old books are given away already. I was suddenly amazed by how every part of my childhood seemed to be carefully planned. Not only by my parents. By my heavenly Parent too.

I could hardly remember having any problems in my language classes, English especially. I learned idioms when my sister did. And Sir David seemed to pop out of no where and fit right in there in my younger years. Then there was British Council and the part-time job and all the small small things. I actually enjoyed learning.

Of course there was all those traveling...all 3 children in my family have our fair share of traveling. We can barely remember our 1st flight. Australia, Bangkok, United States, Taiwan... The world opened up to me like a big book with tiny prints all over it. The exposure is priceless.

I'm just suddenly so thankful. I'm happy to be blessed. In everything, I will give thanks.

-a child-


Francis Foo said...

yea....damn like my parents also...gave me so much room to grow..gave me room to say bad words...gave me room to siao siao...gave me any room...but not a room with a girl waiting inside only...swt
Eva is actually a very smart girl..don't understimate her...heard that,mates?i can't hear u...........
Hug the it that you very much apppreciate Nature just like Williams Wordsworth and rival him as well..^^

PianoBoy said...

long live the habit of reading!
aiya,I never have chance to look at your library.
nvm, next time you must show me,ok?


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