Friday, May 9, 2008

All due respect

Haven't really post a casual post lately, just suddenly feel like being simple agan.. Life's been dry. Exams closing up on us. Finally, we are finally escaping from bad education. Leaving in such confused state, somehow more confused that when we first got in. We must have been really different. To have played truth or dare in the garden late at night, dancing on the grass and shouting to the highway like a bunch of drunkards.

I'd miss these days. Sometimes I think real hard, wondering if I could remember every detail like how I have left NS and forgot some parts of the beauty of a bunch of seventeen year old living together. All those chatroom conversation that make no sense. I would miss them. Of course I will, the great 7 of us. I think I barely studied these few days, but the other six really did some serious reading. Haha...

We shared our hidden self and some intimate details, what happened in the garden stays in the garden. It's amazing our friendship is just as pure and as sincere, with such great respect to one another. All being people of different background, come together at one blissful night, total spontanious. How many of these outbreaks can one have in a lifetime. I would not ask for much, one would be enough for the memory, a token of the process of growing up. Breaking up ourselves so to be able to grow more.

Growing up is no doubt painful. How else is one supposed to grow up unless we first allow ourselves to be broken. I still wonder the moment when we screamed into the night, was it a cry of desparate pain of breaking up ourselves. I surely do not think sober people would have expressed in such outrage. We shared a moment of metamorphosis. We cried and broke and grew.

I am just glad that we shared the moment of change. Despite anything that would come about in our lives, such different paths and futures, we grew, together.

7 Nightstanders!

Dedicated to my dearest friends, Bi Wen, Andrew, Aanand, Francis, Gui Wei (Shang), Shaun.


Anonymous said...

YEAH !! this really awesome !! love that so much !! n touch... i also will miss it n will not forgot bout it even just 1 second !! the AWESOME of the 7 GAMBATEH !! wwoooooo from: bIwen

Francis Foo said...

Totally agree with you.i'd miss these days too.The time spent in NS is some of the happiest moment in my life that all my mind is focused on what will happen the next day in camp and forget everything outside of the camp although sometimes i think that it has wasted some of my time to further my study but time which leaves us with good memories will last forever and i won't regret it. It's very good to have you all to scream and shout at your house with a nice garden before the exam..haha!Finally i can start to study with a peace of mind after releasing those stress or whatever out of my mind. Before this,i felt very hurt that someone i trusted turned against me and i was totally unable to study. Now,i feel good.Thank goodness!^^

p/s:wah..damn flattered to see you dedicate this to us!

Shaun said...

Awww... me too i will miss that moment we had the other day. love u guys going to miss u guys.. sighz...

Nathan said...

I think lying on the grass really do have some healing and soothing effect on me.
Since dun know when I have never been that 'released'. feel so wonderful!

I will miss you guys one day when I think about that starless but crazy night.

Kambateh to you all!

aanand said...

awwhhh...i sincerely say dat tears were rolling down my cheecks when i read dis(yes guys can b emotional 2...haha)i'm so touched by ur dedication...i dare say that d experience we shared on dat nite will never fade away 4rm my memory(mainly coz i hv all d vidoes...haha)...i view d vidoes everytime i feel i need 2 b cheered up...i hope we can continue 2 stay in touch n i surely will...juz try nt 2 lose ur msn password again...haha..GOOD LUCK 2 ALL OF YA!...LOVE U GUYS ALL!


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