Monday, May 19, 2008

last -teen

Yes, it's coming soon. It's great 'cause it will be on a Saturday, so it's a weekend, and it's between my papers, so I can take one day off to celebrate it. The minus point is that the youths won't be around, Pam and the boys will be off to FGA punya camp. And I can't go because; 1. It's between my exams, 2. the last youth camp is supposed to be my last camp, at least until I can get better reasons to convince my parents, 3. I don't really have the spare cash for all the fees considering aunty cancel a month of tuition from me and surely mom and dad won't even pay a cent for it. Crap, I really should get a job with good pay after my exams. Tsk.

Anyway, so they won't be around. Awesome 7 nightstanders will have their heads in books preparing for exam, so it would have to be with my parents. Sometimes they can be real cool, like we went to The Ship on one of my birthdays, mom had one of the snail thing and the whole The Ship crew sang my birthday song. Last year we went for Korean grill, it was not bad 'cause I get to celebrate my birthday with Q che, she's like the coolest aunt anyone would ever want, so yea, it was a nice gathering. Oh and my college mates, those who were in the law class, they sang me a great happy birthday song, and it was really nice 'cause I have only got to know them for like a month then, Shaun was the one who started it. Hee..Thanks guys ^^

Of course there was the birthday celebration at home. Not a big party, we just got together and watch a little movie and had dinner. Mom and dad weren't around, and because it was a CG night so Pam couldn't make it either. The boys came though, and Joon Han and Jack and Seow Jie and Sebrina. I don't think anybody else made it. I remember cooking too much spaghetti, and the nasty subtitles in Shrek 3. I love it still, it was great fun, small crowd but I think we did almost everything that made it real funny. I think I almost laughed my guts out. It was not like any other crappy but funny birthday thing, it's more like double the funny part. Jieli wrote his name with his butt.

This year is the first time my birthday ever clashes with exam period but I don't think I wanna celebrate it on any other day. Birthdays are supposed to be a once-a-year thing, that's what makes them special, no matter how much it sucks, LOL. So far I haven't have any plans up. I kinda should study 1st before trying to make another party that will rock the world, well, at least will rock my world.

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday Dear Eva,
Happy Birthday to me~.

Aw, it sucks, the lyrics don't even rhyme. =="



aanand said...

haha,thought of beein d 1st 2 wish u Happy B'day!

PianoBoy said...

still have 2 weeks leh..

writer said...

Thanks Aanand...

Aiyo Nathan, cannot sabar dee laa... I blame exams stress, where got exam 1 month long wann...haiyo!

aanand said...

2 weeks!my god i was thinking itz dis wonder i din get any reminder...haha,i feel ur pain Eva...i'm suffering as well...

writer said...

LOL haha...apalah stil say wanna be the 1st to wish happy burfday, burfday wht day u oso dunno. Hhahaaa~ LOL *pengsan*

aanand said...

haha,no i was thinking itz 2 weeks away but after reading ur blog i thought i muz b wrong bout d date d...haih...panic tak pasal2...LOL..

but my 'pre-emptive' wish still stands...1st strike capability..hahahahaha...

~gross russland~


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