Sunday, May 18, 2008

Teaser Trailer

Eva is writing a story! Yes~ A story story, like a novel. I started a few chinese novels but they kinda got stuck mainly because of the delay. So I'm trying again. This time it is very much unlike my normal taste and contents, but I do hope that you guys like it.

Please leave your comments to help me better develope the story and inform me of any grammatical errors. Just click under the Blog Label a.k.a Thoughts of Mind "Story-dream" to follow up on the story. I put it under its own category so that it won't get mixed up.


A lady police detective found herself stalked by a mass murderer. After making her report, she realize the incompetent police force makes it a matter of time till it is her turn in the killer's list. Samantha Lewis, a headstrong young lady who got stranded into paranoia as a targeted victim of a skilled psychopath tries to run away from her predator, but the only route to survival, is to bring her very own fear down.

She had left the hands-on realistic task force for far too long to understand the lukewarm attitude of her colleagues. Would her passion -brought about by her desparation to survive - change the team, or is she facing her fatal nightmare, alone?


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