Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happiness by Choice

Happiness is by choice. If there ever are any valuable lessons that I've learnt in my 21 years of living, this has to be it. I have to admit that I don't always know it. Sometimes I just deny it anyway. But the truth is, as mom get grumpier and dad gets more distracted, these words spoke out to me. I can't be happy unless it is my choice.

The options are I can either take in every critique, scoldings, insults and let them rot in my churning tummy, or I can turn and walk away whistling "for I'm a jolly good fellow..." -because I am.

Anyho, I choose to be happy right this moment. :) With all my clothes that are cute and comfy.

won't hurt if you have some partners in crimes too.

my sunday best

Caleb the rocker. This photo is my favourite from this Sunday. :D

A little comic strip for laughs. Ah I love u Calvin.

Outfit details:
Black cardigan from Glassons
Layered dress - mom's regret buy
Studded flats - Vincci shoes
Birdie necklace from Perpetual Princess by Eelin Ch'ng


A Thought Is The Blossom said...

love this outfit, you look great. i love the quote at the top too. i actually had that post card and mailed it to my friend Valencia for Christmas!

and PS...if you really, really want Lula, search on ebay! that's where I got my first copy.

Melrose said...

You look so cute! And this post totally made me smile :)

BTW I found you on that IFB post so its working, hehe.


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