Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Military Jacket

Hut! Indeed the puffer jacket may be our number one choice for keeping warm, but I am very sure that there is a not-so-new rival in town. I first spotted this amazing piece in one of many Asian magazines that I bought, with cute Japanese girl pairing them with frilly dresses and short skirts. Even though I am a 100% asian girl, I have to admit that I can never work out any cute outfits (proof: I'm selling off that furry dress I got just a couple of days ago). Oh well, I am already very satisfied with the other clothes and shoes that I can wear.

Anyhow, since I've already bought a military styled jacket of my own (as seen in my previous post) from Forever21, I did a little homework of my own. These photos can be found in Onlylady's website, which is all written in mandarin. I personally like Taylor Momsen's ensemble the best.


Anonymous said...

Lovely post!;))

ash le dugan said...

the one to your left DEFINTITELY!


Eva said...

Thank you :D. Yea, Taylor Momsen looks super chic here :D


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