Sunday, July 8, 2007


as night falls in...tiredness eases in... and emotion rushed in... my existent evaporated. It's a slow process, yet so obvious that I can see pieces of me disappeared into the air. I couldn't do anything about it, so I laid back and savour my slow disappearance... savour the pain and the lightness of departing into the air. Wonderful isn't it? Of slow death. Painful isn't it? When nobody cares.

my tiredness evaporated, so lightly into thin air. The burden was never fair for me to bear... Let go, I allowed myself to be inexistent...tired of this world, tired of these places, tired of these people, tired of these faces; slowly losing traces. Let my tiredness evaporate...

my love evaporated, so lightly into thin air. my affection to these people...losing hope, would we ever be the same again? Losing hope, would you ever look me in the eye again? Loving such burden and such burden of loving... Burdens evaporate into thin air. Don't that nobody cared...

my life evaporated, so lightly into thin air. of the pain and cuts , falls and wounds; never healed, that's the words...never healed...My life, of complication...Such inexistent...Slow slow death... If anyone could've have saved me, none seems to care.

Finally me myself evaporated into the thin air. Shh...i'm dead.


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