Thursday, July 12, 2007

Killing Eva - The Ultimate Release

Killing the soul of somebody may seems to be hard, even harder than a cold blooded murder. Killing one's physical does not determine the death of the soul. The same theory applies, killing one's soul does not determine the death of the physical.

Finally tired of the waiting, the writing, the thinking, the confusion, the lost, the beaten up feeling and all those dependence of him. Killing Eva is a slow long process. The murder started when I thought my life started. Hmm...such similarities between the beginning and the end. The beginning of a life, the ending of a soul.

Waited all along. From strangers to friends, the distance of the air to thousand miles away, an awkward wave to a hearty laugh. It all must come to an end. No more clinging on the mere relationship, no more hanging on the ever changing distance, no more holding on an unintended joke. Killed the soul, release the nothingless.

Flying solo. The breathe I finally get back. Killing eva - my ultimate release.

released 0022 12.07.2007

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