Friday, June 29, 2007

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I've always like simple words being put together, like beads being tied up into a funky necklace. My way of putting my thoughts into words. my expressions. "I never know when it started"..."late nights"...."drunkenness"..."watch from afar"...."your presence and absence"....of my words, of my God, of my late nights, of my him, of my thoughts, of writing my blogs to people who would never read it, of words that people understand with thoughts that nobody can comprehend. Leave me this way.

Bloggaphiles do view blogs. I hate it when you try to be someone esle. writting things that never exist in words of mine, don't try to be me when you hardly know me. call me selfish, this is the only space I can occupy, fully of myself, so won't you leave me alone?! Does it seem cool to you to try to be someone esle? Stop faking that you're falling apart! Stop making you like when I was breaking down. Trying to duplicate my late night drunkenness. Feeding on my inspiration. What are you?!

What are you thinking, you're not fooling anyone trying to become something esle. Plain crappy of you to do whatever you're trying to do. Simply putting other people's words in your page and fake an identity. Writing for the sake of your hypocrite thinking.

My words for you. Get a life.

copyrights reserved
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rainbow's ends said...

hey ya!wat happened???u sounded so fierce...


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