Friday, June 8, 2007

1st day of 18th

woke up to see just another one of those days. breathe in the sleepy air. I wonder if they replied yet. how simple one's wish could be. I just want some company, that's all. don't have to have everybody in. it would have done even without the presents. Please? Just don't let it be an empty house.

get up to see just another one of those days. a warm bath, a good shower, a nice song in the morn. I wonder if you're coming. Are u? maybe it wouldn't make much of a difference. I guess. distance. distance? No, it'd make all the difference.

walk up to see just another day. of clumsyness, of frustration. of circulating sadness among these people. I wonder, when will it stop? daydreaming again? yep, it probably never will. Aw, why think? why wonder? It's just another one of those days.

step up to see just another day. of smiles, of wishes, of youngsters' joy. of them, of me, of a birthday song. I wonder, how did they know. =) Aw why think? why wonder? It's gonna be one special day.

rise up to see just another day. of confusion, of work, of rushing, of everything. busy day? not really. busy day? very much. confusion. lots of them. Why recall? why remember? It's just another blurred image of another day.

open up to see it's not one of those's not one of those days =) it's my day. of you, of me, of everybody. of bad food, of a smart foolish movie, of good laugh, of pretty memories. It doesn't matter. It's not just another day. It's a happy day.

stay up to see if it's just another day. of empty house, of noisy silence, of overwhelming loneliness. Nope. It's one of those days. back where everything else started. of faint window light, of silent calm night, of late night assignments, of me, of you, somewhere inside.

what a day. hmm... what a day.

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