Wednesday, June 6, 2007


sapuri [Japanese/Romanize Japanese] : Supplement; a thing added to something esle to complete or improve it.

Eva's dictionary of blogger life:
supplement (life/romance): A part of life (sb, sth, memories) that make life worth living. A certain essence that keep life alive, keep hope afresh, where people find rest and recharge.

I find it in you. my sapuri. In the sunshine, through the rain, late at night, when lights are faint. Thinking back to those simple, insignificant moments, when your eyes were fixed to the windscreen, your voice is just another soft treble in the warm air in the car. Just another day, as ordinary as any other. Just another guy, who took my breath away. Only, this time he refused to give it back.

I find it in you. my supplement. In the car, in the midst of the noise, in the middle of an ongoing glass. I smiled. To the air, to the memories. How many times I relived the memories, just as fresh, still with a gentle scent of you. I feel your presence, in the absence of you.

I find it in you. my essence. An accident photoshot, a few reckless meaningless accident with purpose messages, an unforgettable "Take care" above all words. Never to be forgotten. Irreplaceable. Words will never be words again. How beautiful to live in this mist, unclear, insecure. Thank you, for you.

Supplement. you completes me.

my bday wishes.

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