Monday, June 11, 2007

things i'd never say

If words are alive, there must be lives suffocated everyday. If words are beings, they were murdered every night. Words. Muted words. Things we'd never say.

Everyday, open our eyes to see a world of mute, deaf, blind... Close your eyes so you wouldn't see; shut your ears so you wouldn't hear; Sshhh...words shouldn't be said. Keep them to yourselves. Shh... words shouldn't be said.

Words. of love, of hate, of angry, of joy, of God, of the evil one, of him, of her, of silence...word of silence. Hurt. Words kill. Words heals. Words... should be left unsaid. Shh...keep it to yourself, leave it unsaid. Keep it in a box, bury it in you...shh...words left unsaid.

Ignored..leave me untouched... Isolated...leave me unscratched. Ignorant...leave me alone... Alone...these words felt so wrong.. wrong? Leave it unsaid. Shh...

Enjoy the sound of silences, the noise of loneliness, the voice of midnight. Cold. Leave the words unsaid. Anguish, leave the words unsaid. Sadness? Don't pass it on. It's not nice to do so. Shh...some words...please stay that way.

I love you, it's that okay?


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