Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Go out much?

Indeed I am stepping into the age of 20, an age which young ladies in the old English days would 'be out' as in gatherings, dances, recitals, concerts and performances of other kinds, to meet people and hopefully get married. In my case, I do wonder how my parents can come to be like Mr. & Mrs. Bennet in Pride & Prejudice.

That day when we were out for breakfast in BM town, my father, mother and I that is, bumped into a colleague who used to work in the office next to ours, Miss T. She is such a sweet person, chatty and nice. Then as if the topic is bound to come into sight, she said, "Oh, your daughter has certainly grown up beautifully." *Thank you, Ms. T* and as followed, they discussed with excitement very much alike to the Bennets when they spoke about suitors for the Miss Bennets. Of course, Miss T and my parents did not speak with skillful language of English, they just talked about it like they are discussing the stock market.

As I did not tell my parents about whatever is going on on my side, they assumed that I had not anybody at all who had throw himself at me. Not that there are anyone who literary throw but I daresay my *market history* is not all that bad. So I since I had un-crosslink my blog, I think it is pretty safe to talk about it here. You who read shall bring it to your grave if you will.

Here goes, names will be censored. So number one, there was the accomplished senior from high school and his friend, the freaky home science teacher who tries to convince me to be his mistress, indeed, EW, the guy whom I owe a double prosperity burger to, and the guy who appears very frequently in the beginning of my blog and some other few guys whom I am keeping it to myself as a respect to their privacy and mine. And yes I am still very disgusted by the teacher. He should be sued and shot.

Anyhow, I prefer my bed, laptop, home theatre, guitar, and newly done garden for now. I don't think I can take any heavy dose of tragedy before my departure. Plus, my future, whatever it may be and whoever will be in it, it's totally up to my Father, the One who lives upstairs. I trust that He reserved the best for me.

With love,

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Alex Steinert Miles said...

Not exxactly over with Jane Austen huh?
Wait till i replace her with Hatia Shakespeare-Austen


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