Friday, January 9, 2009

Cross-post, no?

Okay, now I am seriously thinking if I should cross-post in my multiplt site as well or not. Since I only really care about this one. But there are still people who reads my posts from other channels, and other people actually includes MY DAD. How ler? How ler? I really love having more than one site, even though multiply's one is not exactly a site that I run.

And this is a new year. As in, new people, new non-female people, new conflicts, new whining posts. Most of which will not find flavour in Mr. Leong Sr.'s eyes. And people who I actually know and who are not of my age and people who you know, respect and stuff.

Blagghhhhh. Fine, I will convince myself somehow that dad already has:-
1. Forgot his multiply password.
2. Gave up reading my blog after my grumbles.
3. Even if he is still reading he'll pretend like he doesn't.
4. Totally respect my privacy because I am turning 20!
5. Somehow forget that his account in multiply exists at all.

I really love him, he's probably the sweetest dad anyone can have, it's just that everybody still have stuff they would prefer their parents to NOT know. Love you, dad. Really do.


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